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Tails of the river bank


More 'tails' of the river bank


It’s that time of year when love is in the air….well I think I’m talking “LUST” here!   Yes, the pheasants are back and the “COLONEL” is in charge. He’s a very proud and not to be messed with cock pheasant with a broad white collar quite befitting his status, who would be mortified to know that I am writing about him, but he doesn’t know….yet!  And I don’t suppose he has internet access!!!


The Colonel

It is the usual routine, that an early morning excursion is made by himself and his many “intendeds” to the bird feeders on the river bank and normally all goes well …. the squirrels and other small birds keep their distance as the Colonel is in charge….and he’s bigger than them!!!! 

Now, I would hate you to think that I had set the Colonel up, I was just going into the porch to clean the brass doorknob and bell, and was aware of the Colonel’s “party of intendeds” being pursued by himself around the bird feeder… I’m not quite sure if it was nuts or seed that was on his mind, but his lady friends were in no doubt!!!!  So I decided to avert my eyes and get on with polishing the brass-ware not thinking that the Girls (the dogs) would come looking for me and come out of the back door around to the front porch.

Instant CHAOS!!!!  A very surprised and stunned Colonel was frozen to the spot momentarily as his lady friends either took to the air or made a hasty retreat through the neighbour’s gate.  PANIC!  The Colonel did what he had to do to save himself from the by now over excited canines approaching….. he RAN!   I don’t know what changed his mind from going through the neighbour’s gate and escaping with his lady friends……but he took a sharp right turn…..Oh dear!!

For those of you who are not familiar with our house or come to think of it our household, a sharp right turn at this point leads to one place….THE RIVER!!!!  A drop of about 3 feet!!!!.......SPLASH!!!!!  Now I’ve never seen a pheasant swim, and to be honest, I still haven’t, but I think I witnessed the nearest thing to walking on water that I shall ever see!!!  The Colonel was making a desperate attempt to reach the other side of the river bank by any means possible and I have to say that with just me as an on-looker, he wasn’t making much progress!!!!  

Bonnie to the rescue!  As she joined me at the water’s edge, having decided not to follow in the Colonel’s plunging footsteps, we both observed that he needed a helping hand or paw to get him out of his predicament…..need I say more….. Bonnie launched herself into the river which gave the Colonel the necessary incentive to become airborne and he just made it over the fence into next door’s field. Bonnie returned to my side full of herself and being congratulated by myself for helping to resolve a tricky situation, we returned towards the front porch to continue with our current project……….But it wasn’t all over for the Colonel… oh dear me no!!!  We hadn’t noticed whilst all this commotion was in progress, that the geese on next door’s field had come to investigate the situation!!!!

Geese from next door

They don’t take kindly to intrusions at the best of times, let alone a fleeing pheasant in a flap. So if for a moment you imagine that you’re at a pantomime and someone shouts “They’re behind you!!”……Need I say more, but the Colonel definitely earned (and appreciated) his wings as he struggled to take to the air and blessed  the fact that the geese can’t run or take to the air as fast as he can……but his concentration was most evident!!!!        

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