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From time to time there may appear some ramblings under the heading of “fiddly thinks” and doubtless you’ll not have a clue as to its meaning. “ Fiddly thinks” is an expression used by my recently departed uncle who was a highly- principled ex-RAF man, but who had the most wonderful wit and sense of the ridiculous. Although I doubt there is a dictionary definition of the term, it is regularly used in the Hughes’ household.


FIDDLY THINKS is the result of leaving one's MIND unattended allowing it wander aimlessly through a whole range of subject matter that often is of no great importance, but still has some relevance to and bearing on your life, and it’s surprising  where it takes you…..the results can be sometimes amusing, often bewildering and frequently worrying!


I never questioned my biology teachings, that we are all born with a BRAIN, which is our body’s control centre, but I am however, questioning as to why no-one told me that at birth a small corner of the BRAIN is left vacant for the specific purpose of developing a MIND of its own!!!, which, of course only comes into its own when we’re much older (middle-aged seems to be the norm).  A beautifully ambiguous term….. in my case I’m obviously going to reach 100!!! distressing for the children!!!!


The consequences of “fiddly thinks” are sometimes to my benefit in solving some problem or realizing that there may be one not previously thought of, but frequently they result in me striding off with great purpose and suddenly “coming to” not knowing where the hell I’m going, let alone what for. The only option is return to source (usually the kitchen), have a re-group of brain-cell and body and try to keep the mind occupied!!


Tasks with a high risk of “fiddly thinks” are housework, ironing, decorating and lawn mowing. The curse of the “fiddly think” results in many wasted minutes and probably miles when I have to go back to check that I’ve locked the door, turned the iron, cooker or oven off or shut the fire down…..always when I’m half way down our drive, and of course I always have!     Ah Me!!  (that’s another of Uncle’s expressions…. said quietly to himself in moments of self despair).  


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