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Information OUT OF INTEREST…..

Should you be wondering about the origins of the names WEGNALLS and KINGSTURNING …then here is my offering. I’m no historian, just asked or read a bit.




The name has been referred to using various spellings among which are Wegnole, Wigenhalle and of course Wegnall. A reference has been found, I know not where, to Wigenhalle as describing a bend in a river, and somewhere in the back of my mind, I recall it describing “wriggly water”. True or not, I like that!




This is in reference to Charles l, who in August 1645 visited Presteigne en-route for Oxford from South Wales to rally support after his defeat at Naseby. He returned to the area again in September en-route to Chester, staying in Presteigne on 20th. When leaving the area, he received word that they may be intercepted, so the king and a small troop turned back, along the road that is now known as King’s Turning in order to confuse any possible pursuers and re-join his army on the Stapleton road.

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