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Whilst returning from walking the girls (4 dogs) and feeding the ponies, I was reduced to tears of laughter by Hayley, who being a sheep dog of considerable, but sometimes questionable intelligence, and being pre-programmed at birth with herding instincts, in the absence of sheep embarked on a little “Pog-gathering.” Now Pog is not the sharpest little soul and I’m sure the doggy world would cringe at her being described as a sheep dog, but she’s sweet. It all started well, but as Haze left the greensward at full tilt and banking steeply as she touched on the greasy, leaf covered tarmac, she fell flat on her face! The result wasn’t an untidy heap, but she was visibly mortified and took the whole incident to heart – she carries the troubles of the world on her shoulders at the best of times, and now they were mostly all over her face! Utter dismay! How could this have happened?.... Obviously a malfunction outside Hayley’s control! Yes, that’s probably it.


It was as this whole incident was unfolding, that Bonnie, who had previously been “rivering” herself, emerged from the river bank also at full tilt and not being able to resist muscling in on Haze’ antics, also embarked upon the Pog- gathering mission. Unfortunately for Bonnie, the realisation of what was going to happen came just too late!......., as she too banked steeply, it all went horribly and irretrievably wrong! She didn’t just fall flat on her face like Haze, whom by now had resumed “upright”, her whole undercarriage, rear and rudder had applied themselves liberally to the tarmac accompanied by an involuntary rush of exhaled breath. My first thought was “ouch!, that must have hurt!”, but no…. it didn’t even appear to break her concentration! Obviously, she would have completed the manoeuvre, but on seeing Haze heading for home and wishing to have no further part in the whole embarrassing affair, Bonnie, quite rightly decided that it would be wasted effort on her part and so returned to the river to investigate rustlings on the other side.


Incident over, Pog, whom had hardly moved throughout the whole event, apart from a following gaze and wincing at appropriate moments, looked back at me as if to say “so what was that all about then?”. Unable to give any sort of answer, we quietly ambled home. I don’t think that in the doggy world at Wegnalls, the incident will ever be mentioned again!!!!......... And Pog, bless her, being somewhat lacking in the little grey cells, probably doesn’t realise the bargaining power that she has to use to her advantage just so the story doesn’t get out!!!! You see, Bridie missed the whole fiasco as she had already returned home having completed her important mission for the day….. carrying the junk-mail portion of the post to the back door where it is inevitably re-directed to the re-cycling bin, and I’m sure would have paid handsomely in “brownie points” to Pog (whom at best she just tolerates!) for the information, but Pog, accustomed to frequent ear-bending from Bridie is too dim, bless her, to realise any of this! So Haze and Bonnie can rest assured that Bridie will probably never know.

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