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Before I go any further, I should explain…..When I refer to the “girls”, I’m talking about our 4 dogs, not children.  Apart from the obvious difference, there is one other that distinguishes the two………. If I call “girls!”, then 4 sets of feet come racing eagerly towards me,  if I call “boys!”, mostly I’m completely ignored, unless there’s food involved… that they do share!!


BRIAR 11 yrs (aka Bridie) black lab.


Briar (aka Birdie) Black labradorShe’s the old girl, but definitely still in charge and doesn’t suffer fools gladly!  You can imagine that she probably couldn’t put into words her feelings towards Pog even if she could speak, although the look speaks volumes. She’s also not recognized for her sense of humour.  Food is the be all and end all of her existence….forget any lie in at the weekend, 6am without fail and the tail is beating furiously against any furniture that gets in her path, and the clocks going back, well, that’s our problem!  However, she’s Jim’s dog and is fiercely loyal to him even though he only comes home some weekends.  She has been a very good hunting dog, but now the hearing has become too selective and the loss of sense of humour experienced by the humans means that she has been largely retired.  


Rustie (aka Pog) - blue merle border collieRUSTIE 10 yrs (aka Pog) blue merle border collie.


It’s hard to know where to start, but I’ll try.  We had her at 3 weeks old in a dreadful state, her mother having died when she was a week old…..against all the odds, she survived……but bless her she’s not the brightest little soul and does “go on” a bit when out for a walk, made worse by the fact that she’s usually facing me, so going backwards and generally annoying everyone!  Mind you  it didn’t help that I ran over her when she was 6 months old, a dreadful experience all round, and so has had a limp for the last 9 yrs just to remind me!

Update: Sadly Rustie passed away Dec 2012


Hayley - (aka Haze, Baze or Ping) - prick-eared border collieHAYLEY 6 yrs (aka Haze, Baze or Ping) prick-eared border collie.


She’s a very smart, short-haired canine, who seems to worry about everything, but is always there to offer sympathy in moments of stress in the human world, but takes everything to heart, so you don’t say it unless you’re sure you mean it, a flippant casual remark can leave her devastated and never laugh at her!  That said, she’s a cracking hunting dog, but won’t retrieve….but then again, why would you? No use at all as a sheep dog, but does quite like “Pog-gathering”!   



Bonnie ( aka Bons or Bo) - black labradorBONNIE 2 yrs (aka Bons or Bo) black lab


I think she’s best described as an over-enthusiastic black tail with an idiot on the front!  She’s probably the loveliest natured dog that we’ve ever had, but tends to woof a lot when uncertain, and she’s nervous around new people.  What ever job you’re doing she’s always there to help, whether it’s making the fire up, weeding, decorating or emptying the shopping bags, there’s a shiny black nose in your face. The river bank is a constant source of entertainment for a hunting dog and the water part of it is pure indulgence……rain or shine, summer or winter, it’s all part of the return home from a walk and if it’s really hot you’ll see her just stroll off to the river and lie in it…BLISS!  Carrying things is all a part of a young lab’s delight…..especially tools!  How the plumbers and electricians loved her during the carnage that was the refurbishment of this house!  



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